NGC 1579 (also known as the Northern Trifid) is a diffuse nebula located in the constellation of Perseus. It is referred to as the Northern Trifid because of its similar appearance to the Trifid Nebula, which is located in the southern celestial hemisphere of the sky. It is a H II region, a region of star formation.[4]

The star cluster contains the emission-line star LkHα 101, which provides much of the ionizing radiation in the nebula.[5]

NGC 1579 lies within a giant molecular cloud known as the California Molecular Cloud.[6]


L 900sec x 11 Bin1

R 600sec x 7 Bin2
G 600sec x 7 Bin2
B 600sec x 7 Bin2

GM1000 HPS 10Micron Mount and Aries Tripod

Astrografo Ritchey–Chrétien GSO 10" Truss V3 

fl_2000mm f/8
FOV 0°32'x 0°24'
resolving 0.56"pix
Sbig STF8300M

Baader Filters
AO SX and OAG Lodestar x2
Location : Alpi Friulane 2018 November

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